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Generate random passwords by mask
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4 August 2009

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In our routine we often require to create a plethora of accounts whether they are social networking sites, email accounts, blog sites and many others. At the time of account creation on different websites, passwords are required and quite expectedly we use the same passwords across accounts as it is not easy to think of a new and different password each time. However, the Passwords by Mask 1.65 can aid you in generating large number of unique passwords, while saving a lot of time. The utility is developed to generate passwords from different character contents and lets you choose the symbols you want to use. Not only does it generate passwords but the program is also capable of generating User IDs at random pace or at same time.

Using the Passwords by Mask you can select random or specific numeric/alphabetic/alphanumeric/special or use the entire characters on the keyboard. When the passwords have been generated, these can be copied to Windows default clipboard for instant usage, or the password list can be printed for further usage. For beginning to use the application, you’re provided with different Password Mask to select from. The provided mask variety extends up to 20, which are customizable as per your preference. Press ‘Change’ and the utility would display a small dialog box presenting Genera Symbols and the feature to let you create your own Custom Symbol. Next when you have chosen the mask, you have to come to the lower part of the console for selecting the Password Length, and Password Quantity, along with enabling the Use of Big Screen and Autocopy to Clipboard. Finally press ‘Generate Password’ option to let the program begin the password generation process. The generate passwords are listed at the bottom side from where password list is shown. Save it as XLS, copy-paste, or print the list as is required.

With the Passwords by Mask 1.65 you can easily get different passwords generated by selecting the preferred configurations. The tool is justifiably allotted 3.5 rating points citing the smoothly operated functions in addition to the impressive capability of performing password generation task.

Publisher's description

Passwords by Mask is a application designed to generate passwords of any
character content. It allow users to choose the type of password
symbols. You can to fix random or specified alphabetic, random or
specified numeric, random or specified alphanumeric, random or specified
special or random or specified all keyboard characters for every
password symbol. This feature allows users to generate a User ID and
Password at random and at the same time. Passwords by Mask can to use
Windows clipboard for transferring passwords between the program and
other applications.
All passwords can be printed.
Passwords by Mask
Passwords by Mask
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